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Health Care

What are my Healthcare Options?

We'll help you find the right Health Coverage with Affordable Quotes from top Health Insurance Providers. Health insurance in the US today has certainly changed over the past decade. New laws enacted, now require all plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare. The law has a specific requirement that mandates all US Citizens get health insurance coverage. You have 4 options outside of your employer union groups, from on-exchange plans and off-exchange plans to Private plans and Healthshare Ministries.  I'll break it down and explain it in more detail.

  1. On-exchange plans are available thru the Federal Marketplace on the Healthcare.gov website. These plans generally allow for a Premium Tax Credit which significantly lowers the monthly premium by using government paid subsidy credits.
  2. Off-exchnage plans are the same plans from the same insurance companies but without the Preium Tax Credits. Generally these plans are for higher income earners that do not qualify for the Premium Tax Credit.
  3. Private plans are made available as an alternative to the government run healthcare plans. These plans are generally available year round.
  4. Short Term Medical Plans. Short term plans are designed to go up to 90 day increments. New laws allow these to run cocurrent to last up to 12 months.  Click here for Short Term quotes
  5. Healthshare Ministries are health care sharing ministries which is an organization that facilitates sharing of health care costs among individual members, in the United States, who have common ethical or religious beliefs. These are available year round and do not utilize Premium Tax Credits or subsidies. Click here for Health Ministry quote

When can you apply?

  • On-exchnage and off-echnage plans are governement regulated and have strict enrollment dates. Policies run annually from January 1st thru December 31st. You may only apply during Open Enrollment Period useless you qualify for a Special Election Period. In 2017 Open enrollment was from November 1st thru December 15th. Special Election Period can be used if: recently married or divorced, new born baby, loss of creditable coverage, move to new service area. 
  • Private plans and Healthshare Ministries are available year round. Policies generally run annually from January 1st thru December 31st. Click Here for Health Ministry quote

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Don't delay

Delaying on getting coverage is not an option. A big part of the law states that if you do NOT have coverage, you will have to pay a fine. The fine is either a) 2% of your total income or b) fines for each member of your household ($325 /adult, $162.50/child, or $975/total household), whichever is greater. Who wants to pay hundreds and even thousands in dollars in penalties for not having insurance?

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OTHER HEALTH INSURANCE OPTIONS INCLUDE:  Dental, Vision, Cancer, Short Term Medical, Gap Protection, Critical Illness, and much more.

Use the links below to compare rates and shop for yourself. United Heathcare, Aliera Healthcare and Surebridge are partners of Senior Benefits Center. 


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