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About SBC

Senior Benefits Center was founded to assist and service the growing senior population.


It all started in 2011 when the Senior Benefits Center directors decided that something had to be done to help the growing senior population. The current baby boomer generation began turning 65 in January 2011 at an alarming rate of over 10,000 people per day. US Census Bureau states there are over 78 million baby boomers in the US that are now becoming seniors daily. Most seniors don't know where to get all of the help they need. They don't have classes for seniors on aging or how to get all the benefits available to them. What everyone see's thru the media is the best advertisers and marketing, not which programs actually fit them. The directors knew that there was a better way to help people. By caring about the people first and listening to their needs. Treating each person like they were your own family, your parents, brothers, sisters, the way family should be treated. 

Everyday we get asked questions, such as...

  • Who has the right Medicare plans for me?
  • Who has the lowest cost life insurance?
  • Who covers my illnesses?
  • How do I get health insurance if I retire before age 65?
  • Do I qualify for Federal or State assistance?
  • Can I get Extra Help for my prescription drug costs?
  • Where are the safe places to rollover an IRA or 401k, with guarantees to protect my principle from any future losses.
  • How do I avoid probate and estate taxes, and protect my assets for my loved ones.

There are hundreds of insurance companies in the US today, all with multiple programs available. With so many options available how are you supposed to find the right one for you? You could shop forever and never find the right programs or the best rates. That's where Senior Benefits Center comes in. We study all of the Life, Health, and Wealth protection products that seniors and their families need. We make it our business to know all of the new programs, where to get what products, and rate changes that can affect you. We encourage comparison shopping, and we'll help you do it. We act as a broker, comparison shopping for you, and helping you enroll into the programs and products you need. And the best part is you don't have to pay us for our services. Our compensation comes from the insurance companies.

All of our agents are licensed and appointed by their individual state, certified, and trained to assist individuals in obtaining the right programs, and right coverage, at the right price for your specific needs. Helping seniors and their families with Life, Health and Wealth protection.

Senior Benefits Center will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your current benefits, including all of your life, health, Medicare, and wealth policies to ensure that you have the proper coverages in place and are taking advantage of the new programs available to you. It all starts with your Free Benefits Checkup.

Proud members of the Greater York Chamber of Commerce.


US Senior Population Demographics

  • Number of people 65 or older: 40.3 million
  • Number of people 85 or older: 5.3 million
  • Percent of population 65 and older: 13%
  • Percent age 65-74 who are married: 66%
  • Percent age 85 and older who are married: 26%
  • Percent of women age 85 and older who are married: 57%
  • Percent of men age 85 and older who are married: 78%
  • Health – Nursing home residence: 65-74: 9/1000; 75-84: 36/1000; 85+: 139/1000

Source: U.S. Bureau of Census 2010; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Federal Inter agency Forum on Aging

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